Light My Safe lifetime warranty

Light My Safe is Producer or a American Lighting Company located in Houston, Texas. We are dedicated utilizing the cleverest quality L.E.D.’s accessible while the resistance utilizes the cheapest. Each vault lighting we manufacture is composed of 15 High Power L.E.D.’s, with every L.E.D. producing a great 35 lumens from each chip. For a full of 525 lumens for each vault light we manufacturer. About 300 to 400 lumens, your ordinary tactical flashlight possesses typically for contrast. Whereas our vault light with three fittings pushes has 1,575 lumens, and kit lbs of 2,625 lumens that are brilliant. It’s from these terms that we make our layout as”Tactical American Lights”.

Most prominently, we guarantee whilst choosing our products, you can have an installed lighting system that is efficiently. No alteration, no fussing as well as no tools are essential. Take one month, and if you’re not happy and satisfied or with difficulties, we will fix it right or respectably refund your money. We’ve committed customer support professionals, if you require assistance. They can help you in locating the accurate lighting option for you. Is the measurements as thickness, width, and height of your safe.

No one likes to find wires, and so we complete our mild design by utilizing clear wires to conceal the wiring round the vault discretely. Moreover, our moisture-proof plugs guarantee that a lifetime of working by protecting the circuitry from the moisture, which quietly builds up within dark vaults and worsens electronic devices as time passes. In conclusion, we left the most extended, brightest, and most outstanding thought-out-gun safe and vault lighting in the U.S.A. right here in the industry.

In case you have an extra-large vault or trying to perfectly stack lights with your 72″ gun safe or vault, then you’re in the right place. We’ve assembled custom vault lighting since 2009, and no vault is oversize for us to light. Our Kits can power up to 7 American Tactical LED Lights. You are able to buy a 5 Light Kit and affix an Upgrade Bundle to your purchase. If you need more than seven lighting, please contact and among our Tru-Fit Specialists can assist you. To find added details on Liberty Gun Safes please look at

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